giving back

I actively support The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago by offering no-cost photography to better assist in the adoptions of shelter pets. I actively support their Foster Program by providing temporary housing for special needs dogs. As well as making annual donations to the shelter and assiting in various fundraisers.


The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago



I am a member of the HeARTs Speak organization.








To unite the individual efforts of animal artists & animal rescues into collective action for social change.

  1. To provide the framework, tools & resources to support animal artists working to help animals in need.
  2. To disseminate messages that inspire a better understanding of the emotions of animals & ultimately an understanding of, and compassion towards them.
  3. To connect Rescues/Shelters with artists with the intention of breaking down the myth that animals from Rescues and Shelters are inferior in some way. Professional Photographs greatly improve adoptability and ultimately, will increase the number of animals adopted and reduce the numbers that are euthanized.




Please contact me if you are a shelter, rescue or foster in need of professional photography to assist in the adoption of a homeless animal.


It brings me great joy in being able to help homeless animals find their forever homes!