I grew up on the south side of Chicago + some say I still carry the accent. Apparently when I order a "salad" or say I’m from "Chicago", I sound like a Super Fan. Nonetheless, I’m fond of my accent + I’m pleased to be connected to such an iconic city. Growing up in a working class family built the fibers of what I am today. I’m still based in Chicago, conveniently located in the River North area.  


When not traveling, I’m at home with my husband + our two dogs.  I love all three of them, equally. I find great comfort in cooking at home, but always enjoy a night out in heels. I love cleaning, it's my thearpy. I donate my free time to the local animal shelter down the block with photography services + fostering dogs in need. As hard as it is not to get attached, it brings me great joy to have assisted in a second chance.  I have a shoe addiction + love a good sale. I can’t walk past a dog on the street without saying hello. Since my husband introduced me to Korean food, I love it and there's no turning back. We got married in Italy, but neither of us is Italian.